The Best Treadmill Workouts to Spice Up Your Routine

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The Best Treadmill Workouts to Spice Up Your Routine

U.S. consumer reports say that 40% of home exercise machines aren’t used “as much as expected”.

This could mean they only get used four times a week rather than seven, or they’re just a handy clothes rack.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the best treadmill, rowing machine or cross trainer – you need the motivation to use them.

But why is that?

After all, most home exercise equipment is an investment, it doesn’t come cheap. We should be utilizing that investment.

One simple answer to the question is … Boredom.

This is why you need to spice up your treadmill routine!


Bored. Boring. Yawn.

This article is aimed at those using treadmills and such equipment at home – the place where there are no peers to push you on, to make you feel bad when you lose motivation.

We all know how it goes; feeling pumped to be exercising, getting fit, losing a few pounds, it’s a great way to get motivated.

Right up until you’ve been staring at the same square inch of the wall for the last twenty minutes. Even with a window view, there’s only so much to see.

It’s boring. Plain and simple.

The Best Treadmills

Although they all do the same basic job, not all treadmills are the same.

A very simple way of spicing up your treadmill routine is to invest in a ‘mill with an incline feature, preferably an auto-incline that can follow pre-programmed workouts.

Close your eyes and you could almost be running up your favorite mountain.


H.I.I.T Me Up

High-Intensity Interval Training seems to have made a name for itself as a very recent thing.

In reality, it has been around since the 70’s.

Admittedly it’s still all about running, but then you’re not using a treadmill with the intention of competing in the Tour de France.

A high-intensity workout offers different levels of speeds and possibly work rate, it means that your body isn’t relaxing into one lazy stride, and it also means that your brain is getting a workout at the same time.


Backward & Forwards

Another great way of keeping things interesting is to reverse your direction.

You’ll find that by walking backward, you’ll need to develop a whole new skillset and a fresh group of muscles will be targeted, giving you the benefit of an all-over workout.

Too easy? Why not add a little incline at the same time.

Nothing but the truth …

The truth is that using a treadmill can get very repetitive, very quickly.

Even the best treadmills only have so much functionality.

Even using different techniques, strides, exercises, and work rates can only go so far to reducing that.

However, mixing it up a little does help to keep things fresh, as does the use of some sort of MP3 player (hey, it doesn’t have to be fruit based you know).

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